Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bryce's 2 year checkup

Bryce had his 2 year appointment today. He did really well. He got 1 shot, Hep A, and didn't cry at all.

He's really tall and skinny. He weighed in at 25.3 lbs and is 35.1 inches tall.

We have a referral to get his speech evaluated...I'm not really thrilled about that. We've been in speech before and it didn't really do anything. I'm not sure if we'll take him now or wait awhile and have him reevaluated. There's a waiting list for speech so it could be anywhere from this month to 2-3 months out before we get an appointment. He's very smart but stubborn. In other news, his doctor just personally called me. *insert Uh-Oh what's up now face here* She couldn't find one of Bryce's testicles during her exam. We've had this issue before and had been scheduled for surgery. We canceled after this regular doctor found it. Well now his doctor says that she doesn't think the left one was ever found. She thinks it's a dead nub that got twisted before he was born. It'll have to be removed so it doesn't cause infertility or cancer later on (Those were the 2 potential problems she listed) So we have a consult with pediatric urology on June 7th.

Really praying and hoping that it was just a fluke and his testicle really is there. I do not want to see my baby have to endure surgery. Would you pray along with me?

I thought this was over a year ago and now here it is coming up again :(

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