Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bryce's 2 year checkup

Bryce had his 2 year appointment today. He did really well. He got 1 shot, Hep A, and didn't cry at all.

He's really tall and skinny. He weighed in at 25.3 lbs and is 35.1 inches tall.

We have a referral to get his speech evaluated...I'm not really thrilled about that. We've been in speech before and it didn't really do anything. I'm not sure if we'll take him now or wait awhile and have him reevaluated. There's a waiting list for speech so it could be anywhere from this month to 2-3 months out before we get an appointment. He's very smart but stubborn. In other news, his doctor just personally called me. *insert Uh-Oh what's up now face here* She couldn't find one of Bryce's testicles during her exam. We've had this issue before and had been scheduled for surgery. We canceled after this regular doctor found it. Well now his doctor says that she doesn't think the left one was ever found. She thinks it's a dead nub that got twisted before he was born. It'll have to be removed so it doesn't cause infertility or cancer later on (Those were the 2 potential problems she listed) So we have a consult with pediatric urology on June 7th.

Really praying and hoping that it was just a fluke and his testicle really is there. I do not want to see my baby have to endure surgery. Would you pray along with me?

I thought this was over a year ago and now here it is coming up again :(

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Bryce

Happy Birthday Bryce!!

I cannot believe 2 years have passed since the doctor put you in my arms. You were in my heart a lot longer than that though. You are a precious, amazing, funny, sweet, temper-tantrum throwing, wonderful, loveable boy and I'm so proud to be your Mommy.

How did my little 6 lb 1oz baby boy who spent 34 days in the NICU...grow up to be such a wonderful amazing 2 year old. *tears* I love you so much my sweet baby boy.

Tomorrow we will celebrate with Uncle Randy, Aunt Jennifer, and your cousins Nathan and Judah. Today is just a quiet day. We already opened presents from Grammy and Opa. I think Mommy will give you 1 of your presents today so you'll have something special on your birthday.

We ordered you a Thomas cake. You love watching Thomas on tv and playing with your main Thomas and friends trains.

I'll leave you with a pic of my handsome baby boy from yesterday (the last day before turning 2)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bryce and speech

Bryce turns 2 years old in 8 days. For some background, he was born at 36 weeks and stayed in the NICU for 34 days. He is all caught up after physical and occupational therapy.

He's still not really talking. He says "uh-oh, bubbles, ball, ow, hi, mama, dada" We had him in speech therapy for a little while but all she would do is sit there and go "puh puh puh, p says puh" etc. It seemed easy enough that we could do it.

He understands everything we say and often tries to mimic us. My birthday was last week and I asked him if he could say Happy Birthday. He didn't really get it out but he tried really hard. I could make out "haffy"

Does anyone have experience with speech delays? Should I worry and take him back to speech? or just let him be? He's always caught up in all of his therapies. Took a long time to sit up, crawl, and walk. Each time it was like it clicked overnight.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today started out great :) The kids slept in later which meant I got to sleep in. Then Cecilia puked all over the bed and me. :( Hoping she just ate too much and isn't getting sick.

DH got home from work and we went shopping. Had to pick up a late birthday cake for me (I love whipped cream icing) and some veggies to go with dinner tonight. Got home and had lunch. Bryce and DH are now napping. Cecilia is sort of happy in her bouncer. Gonna go make smiley faces at her so she'll do them back :)

DH is going to grill a delicious Mother's Day/Birthday dinner tonight. We're having Prime NY Strip Steaks (OMG delish!), grilled asparagus, baked potatoes and buttery rolls. I cannot wait for dinner! Birthday cake and ice cream for dessert. I'll be having Chocolate Marshmallow (best.icecream.ever.)

Going to call my mom and grandma in a bit. Can't forget to wish the 2 most important women in my life a very happy Mother's Day. I'm so grateful for all they've done and how they taught me to be the mother I am today.

Happy Mother's Day friends <3

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Birthday

My 20's were good but my 30's have been great :) I have been blessed with 2 beautiful children since turning 30. Life is so hectic but SO amazingly wonderful.
DH works nights so he was asleep for most of my birthday. He got me a game I wanted and sweet cards from him and the kids.
I also got a kiss from my sweet boy, a card with $ from my MIL, and a package from my mom. My mom always sends homemade sweet treats and clothing. She's gotten better at picking out clothes and I LOVE the rice krispie treats she sends. Maybe next time I'll get some fudge.
My major birthday celebration with cake, song, and fun will be on Sunday... A combination birthday\mother's day celebration.

In 2 weeks my precious baby boy will be 2 years old. How in the world is that possible? Seems like he was just born.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fun today

DH is taking me to The Cheesecake Factory today for an early birthday dinner :D My birthday is Friday but we're celebrating tonight since DH has to work this weekend. I am SO excited!! I love their food...especially the bread and of course the cheesecake :) It will be the first time eating out at a sit-down restaurant with both kids. Can you say nervous? I'm really hoping they behave and the baby doesn't scream too much. She really hates being in her car seat and I'm not sure that I can eat with her in the sling. After that, I'm hoping to unwind with a luxurious bubble bath (few and far these days) and a good book.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Giveaway to Sha's Sew Sweet Designs

I am going to give away a $20 credit to my favorite business, Sha's Sew Sweet Designs. She has the most beautiful flowers for your little girls to wear.
I bought them for my precious Cecilia to wear before she was born :) At top is her wearing a picture of a beautiful flower made by Sha.
She also makes pillowcase dresses, tutus, personalized bibs, sun hats, etc. Her stuff is AWESOME and her prices are reasonable.
I will give a $20 credit for her shop.
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