Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Signing Time and other things

Have you ever used the Baby Signing Time dvds? Or anything similar?

We bought a Potty Time app on the ipad for Bry.ce which led us to Rachel and the Baby Signing Time dvds. Bry.ce has been behind on his speech so we thought learning some sign language couldn't hurt.

The videos are better than I could have ever imagined. Within a couple of days, Bryc.e's vocabulary has increased. He's started saying grow, go, help and doing the signs associated with them.

I am SO proud of my sweet boy!

Are there any other dvds you can recommend for speech or general learning for toddlers? I would love suggestions.

In other news, Cec.ilia turned 4 months old yesterday :) She is growing so fast. She loves tummy time and is so good at it. She loves to sit up (assisted of course), talks constantly, smiles and giggles a lot. She melts my heart every day.

My heart is so full with my 2 precious loves.

Of course I have to include pictures of my babies.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Praise God

Praise God!! That is all I can say :)

Today was Bryc.e's appointment with the Urologist. I spent a lot of this past week and a half terrified that the Urologist wouldn't find Br.yce's testicle and would schedule surgery. Our pediatrician was adamant that she couldn't find his testicle descended like it should be or further up in the canal.

I was feeling a lot of Mommy guilt too because his surgery had been scheduled a year ago before our pediatrician said she found it. We called off the surgery based on that. All I could think about was how my poor little boy would have to be aware and suffer from a surgery.

THANK GOD that was not the case. Right away the pediatric Urologist found BOTH of Br.yce's testicles. I was trying so hard not to cry (happy tears). The doctor told us that he was glad we hadn't gone ahead with the surgery a year ago since it was definitely not necessary.

As for now, my sweet boy has a highly retractable testicle that should fix itself as he grows. We go back in a year just to make sure everything is still alright.

Again I just have to say, PRAISE GOD!! My sweet boy is ok and will not need surgery. Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Phone

DH took me out yesterday and got me the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

I LOVE IT! The phone is so slim and the screen is huge. The picture quality is fantastic. I should know since I've taken a bunch of pictures of them today.

I'm still learning it and importing all of my contacts/apps/passwords. It's taken me a lot longer than I thought it would to make sure I don't forget anything.

It's not often I get something new. Usually the kids and DH get stuff before I do. Have I mentioned what a great DH I have? Now I'm hoping my old phone sells on craigslist so I can recoup some of the money of this new phone.

Such a wonderful day :D