Friday, May 18, 2012

Bryce and speech

Bryce turns 2 years old in 8 days. For some background, he was born at 36 weeks and stayed in the NICU for 34 days. He is all caught up after physical and occupational therapy.

He's still not really talking. He says "uh-oh, bubbles, ball, ow, hi, mama, dada" We had him in speech therapy for a little while but all she would do is sit there and go "puh puh puh, p says puh" etc. It seemed easy enough that we could do it.

He understands everything we say and often tries to mimic us. My birthday was last week and I asked him if he could say Happy Birthday. He didn't really get it out but he tried really hard. I could make out "haffy"

Does anyone have experience with speech delays? Should I worry and take him back to speech? or just let him be? He's always caught up in all of his therapies. Took a long time to sit up, crawl, and walk. Each time it was like it clicked overnight.

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