Saturday, May 4, 2013

Third Trimester Update

All is well with baby boy and I.
We had an elective 4D scan last week. It brought me to tears to see my precious boy. He is still breech with his little face buried in my ribs but we got some good shots.

To be 32 weeks and a day has me feeling incredibly blessed. So far this pregnancy has been smooth sailing. Heartburn is coming back to me but all else is well.
My blood pressure has been stable and there are no signs of him coming early. I am so grateful.
If all continues to go well, we will be induced somewhere around June 21st. I am so excited and so ready to meet him.
I am so sorry for slacking on blogging. Life is hectic with 2 (about to be 3) under 3. I have also gone back to school full-time. My plate is very full :)

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  1. you are one busy momma! glad everything is well with your little man. :-)